Fives' contribution to the French governmental plan

Fives contributes to ‘reinvent’ industrial France

The French government has launched a strategic review with the aim of deciding on the priorities for industrial policy in France. It aims to define a new and competitive offer by French industry, capable of gaining market share in France and abroad, thereby creating close to 480,000 new jobs in industry.

Fives was selected to co-lead one of the 34 plans, dedicated to the industrial plant of the future.

The work undertaken jointly by Fives and Dassault Systèmes, which involved more than 120 public and private entities, helped to identify 43 drivers of competitiveness and key success factors for different industries, to create high performance, flexible, connected, safe, environmentally friendly and energy efficient factories that place people at the heart of their business model.

In practical terms, the road map proposes 4 areas of activity to support the development of the plant of excellence:

  • developing pilot production lines (around twenty) to act as showcase for French expertise,
  • launching R&D projects assisted by the State,
  • creating regional programs of industrial excellence for SMEs to provide support in terms of both methods and funding,
  • organizing financial assistance for industry, including a range of loans from Bpifrance, the French Public Investment Bank.
Launched in 2015, the “Alliance pour l’Industrie du Futur” builds on the recommendations of the plan to ensure its operational implementation. The Alliance is co-lead by Fives and also involves trade federations of the industry and digital technologies, as well as technological and academic partners.